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The best natural beauty products and healthy skincare.

Chalet Cosmetics was founded by the most recent in a line of business women in the beauty cosmetics industry - Cindy Holland-Rodriguez and her daughter Andrea Rodriguez. It started over 60 years ago when grandmother, Sue Holland opened her doors to begin selling beauty cosmetics. Cindy finally decided that they needed to use their decades of experience working with other beauty cosmetics and unparalleled knowledge of anti-aging products to create a line of natural skin care products that delivers the unique message that makeup has brought to them. Thus, began the development of a new brand of natural beauty products. Andrea, then working in the fashion industry in Los Angeles, couldn’t resist the excitement and moved home to join the Chalet team. The family carries on the tradition of helping women look and feel their best, which was Sue Holland’s life’s work. 

Chalet Cosmetics brings you a collection that uses both nature and science to deliver powerful anti-aging skin care benefits in a method that can be enjoyed by all ages. Using the best natural skin care products shows us that you don’t need to go under the knife to look younger. The skin is our largest organ and requires nourishment in the same sense we take care of the rest of our bodies. Our healthy skin care formulas provide natural ingredients with the vitamins we need combined with the latest in scientific research to bring you the most advanced formulas in anti-aging products. Our natural beauty products have bottled the best from nature like fruit extracts, shea moisture and coconut oil and combined them with the latest in beauty cosmetics and skincare technology like hyaluronic acid, stem-cell and peptides.

Chalet Cosmetics natural beauty products seeks to add delight to a daily beauty routine. Taking care of your skin has always represented more than just beauty, we believe the time spent putting on your makeup is a very special time where all that matters is you. We are here to show every woman how simple and even fun it can be to take care of their skin, and it starts by using the best natural skin care products and by taking back some time for you.

Chalet Cosmetics products are natural beauty products, environmentally-friendly, healthy skin care, cruelty-free cosmetics and made in the United States.

So take some time to smell the rosewater, the lavender and the chamomile, light your pink Chalet beeswax candle, look in the mirror and prepare to unleash GORGEOUS.

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Safe cosmetics. Cruelty-free cosmetics. Anti aging products and healthy skin care.