Chalet Healthy Skin Care Philosophy

Chalet Cosmetics sees the time it takes to go through your routine of natural beauty products as a sacred time when the only thing that matters is you. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives we forget to pay attention to what we really need. Our healthy skin care philosophy is that nourishing your skin is also nourishing to your soul. Skin is our body's largest organ, which means using the best natural skin care products is just as important to a healthy lifestyle as clean eating & exercise. We've taken it a step further to incorporate an element of meditation into the routine so as to ensure that the mind is nurtured along with the body and spirit. With each purchase of two or more natural skin care products comes a pink candle to light up your vanity. This candle comes along with instructions to look in the mirror, take three deeps breaths, & prepare to unleash GORGEOUS. Made with beeswax & soy to purify the air and fill the room with tuberose, lilac, and gardenia, these candles serve as a reminder to start and end each day with beauty and love. 

By using Chalet natural makeup, you will begin to see a subtle glow develop and people will notice. This natural makeup is luxuriously nourishing. Your skin will reach optimal health from the skin care benefits in all of our products. By spending just a few extra moments caring for yourself, the other elements of your life will flow. It's time to love yourself a little more and really love the way you look.

We truly believe that using the best natural skin care products is a way to show yourself some LOVE and ignite a GLOW from the inside out. So before you walk out into this crazy world we live in, take some time to smell the roses, light your Chalet candle, and ENJOY your natural beauty products. Because you deserve to look and feel your best, and it starts with healthy skin care using and taking back some time for YOU. 

best natural skin care products

Chalet's healthy skin care philosophy brings you the best natural beauty products for healthy skin care. What you put on your skin matters. When you use natural makeup from Chalet Beauty, you know that what you are using is safe, clean and healthy. Using this natural makeup will help you look and feel your best!  

Cruelty-free cosmetics. Safe cosmetics. Natural cosmetics.