Holiday Makeup Collection

There’s something about holiday makeup that makes you feel especially glamourous. When the Mariah Carey Christmas station starts playing, it’s time to get red carpet ready. Holiday parties and mistletoe call for something special from your beauty routine. Maybe it’s gold glitter or a velvety lip. Or it could be winged liner or an eye-catching highlight. Whichever features you choose to accentuate, don’t let the season pass without trying a new holiday makeup trend. The Chalet holiday makeup collection reminisces on a vintage glam with golden elegance. Warm hues expertly matched for feature-enhancing possibilities that are perfectly on-trend for the season. A classic look gets a daring edge with bold statement lips that will be turning heads into the new year. With natural lipstick options deliver a bold statement to compliment every skin tone. Pressed mineral eye shadows to create a variety of looks. A soft, golden glow or a sultry smoking eye are holiday makeup musts. The monochromatic peachy-bronze mineral blush and mineral bronzers are sure to carry you through spring and into summer. Chalet brings you natural beauty products that are eco-friendly and cruelty-free cosmetics. Family-owned by women with decades of beauty industry experience, this holiday makeup collection marks the launch of Chalet's green beauty line. The mission is to spread the practice of healthy living and wellness by helping consumers become aware of the damaging elements of most mass-produced products. Holiday makeup should be glamourous, but it should also be good for you. Our natural beauty products offer cruelty-free makeup and vegan makeup options. Formulated with non-toxic ingredients to guarantee healthy skin care benefits. We promise to never compromise glamour for wellness. So look no further for the green beauty products that embody the sparkle of the season.