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Look no further for the look that will make you fall in love. Whether your going for a gorgeous girly girl or a fierce feminine edge, the Love In Bloom Color Collection provides the best natural beauty products to transition into Spring. These peachy, pink tones are perfectly coordinated with the monochromatic trend of the season. The natural mineral blush makeup and bronzing powder deliver an automatic glow. The natural eye makeup pencil can be used on the eyes and to fill in the brows. And the coral natural lipstick is one you will wear more and more as the temperature warms up. The mineral eye shadows in the pressed Love In Bloom palette can create a variety of natural eye makeup looks. The ivory sparkle mineral eye shadow color is the perfect highlight that can also be used on the tops of the cheekbones. The pink color can be used very lightly to bring the eyelids to life. It can also be used wet to create a pretty pop of color to make a spring-time statement. The peachy brown is the perfect natural eye makeup mineral shadow to define the eyes for a no-makeup makeup look. The coral mineral shadow is what will deliver the vibrancy in your eyes. Use this irritably fun shade as an accent and watch your natural eye makeup go from pretty to show stopping. Even if pink isn’t your color, this makeup collection is worth trying something different. This makeup collection delivers cruelty-free, eco-friendly cosmetics that are safe to use with healthy skin care benefits. These natural beauty products are made with non-toxic ingredients and good for you essential oils and pure pigments. The Love In Bloom makeup collection takes the guesswork out of green beauty. Cruelty-free makeup that gives you on-trend, beauty enhancing looks.