Chalet for Dancers

Chalet Stage Makeup

Calling all dancers!  Chalet Beauty has the perfect stage makeup for your next performance.  The Stage Palette has everything you need for eyes and cheeks. Look no further for the perfect red lipstick. Chalet Stage Red is a true red that is not too brown or pink.  Chalet Love that liner in Ninja is the eye pencil that glides on soft and provides intense color payoff.  

To apply the stage makeup for dancers start with a shadow base like Chalet Under Cover Natural Eye Makeup Primer and Concealer. The shadow base will give you better color payoff and hold you stage makeup on all night. Use a wash of the light shade from the base of the lashes up to the brow. Use the dark brown color if you are fair skinned or the black for darker skin tones in the crease and on the outer corner of the lid. You can also use a combination of the two darker colors. Be sure to blend the stage makeup so that there is no defined line where the colors start and stop.

Line your eyes with the Ninja eye liner with a dramatic line on the top lashes. Only line the outer corner on the bottom lashes. Lining the entire lower lash closes the eye.

Finish off the perfect stage makeup for dancers using the dark brown or black to accent the brows depending on your hair color. Arch, define and extend the brows. Dancer makeup without the use of brow makeup draws attention away from the eyes.

Use the peach shade on the apples of cheeks to brighten the skin. Be sure to blend it well. This shade looks great on any skin tone. Finish the stage makeup with the red lipstick to shape and enhance the lips.  

Break a leg!!!


Peppermint Foot Balm for Dancing Feet

Treat your feet to this amazing peppermint foot balm and help a fellow dancer at the same time.  This truly is the world's best foot balm!  10% of proceeds from Ballerina Balm go to the We Love Laurin charitable trust to help a dancer who became disabled in a car accident.