Chalet Cosmetics - The Best in Natural Skin Care 

Chalet Cosmetics brings you all natural, cruelty-free, eco-friendly makeup that delivers gorgeous on a whole new level. We are creating products of exceptional quality to add beauty to each and every moment of your day. 

We want women to know how fun it can be to take care their skin so we've taken powerful ingredients combined with the latest technology in skincare to create result-proven formulas wrapped in a delightful package. 

Chalet Cosmetics believes every women deserves to see their beauty potential, so we are here to show you how.    

Chalet Cosmetics makes skin care fun! We use refreshing scents and fun colors to add joy to your skin care routine. Sun Shower toner has a coconut lime scent with a sun shine yellow color, Rainforest Rinse has a cucumber scent and a rich green color, Agua Fresca cleansing water makeup remover has Rosewater in it with sea salt.  Mermaid Wash and 2 in 1 Foaming Cleanser for Mermaids have the fresh scent of the ocean made with sea botanicals and sea salt to give you that super clean feeling you get when you step out of the water at the beach. 

Chalet Cosmetics serums and moisturizers are scent-free because they are made to leave on the skin. These products are made with the latest in anti-aging science plus natural ingredients to keep your skin looking young and healthy. 

Chalet's organic makeup is made with by hand with natural, wholesome ingredients.  Our natural lipstick has shea moisture and coconut oil so it soothes and moisturizes the lips.  This natural lipstick also has mica's and iron oxides to give rich, brilliant color which you would not expect from a natural product.

Blush and bronzers are organic makeup made with pure mica's and iron oxides. The mineral bronzer is formulated to give a natural sun kissed look and the mineral blush gives a healthy pop of color.   

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