Natural Eye Makeup

The eye are is the most delicate part of the face. That’s why it is important to be using the best natural eye makeup to enhance your beauty. Chalet brings you non-toxic formulas made with only the highest quality ingredients. Safe cosmetics means you don’t have to worry about irritating additives or synthetic ingredients. If the skin on your face was as thick as paper, the skin around the eyes is as thin as tissue. And we know that our skin absorbs what we put on into the blood stream. Our mineral eye shadow, natural brow pencil, natural eyeliner, and non-toxic mascara are made with pure pigments and the best combination of essential oils, butters, and other good-for-you ingredients. Not only do you get non-irritating natural eye makeup, you get good-for-you skincare benefits. Each color has been carefully crafted to promise eye and skin enhancing looks. Our expert team of makeup artists guarantee on-trend colors that add glamour to the everyday. We are here to take the guesswork out of eye makeup. Cruelty-free cosmetics with vegan makeup options that present the best in green beauty. With rich color payoff and silky-smooth applications, the difference is breathtaking. Chalet brings your natural beauty products with the promise to never compromise glamour for wellness. High-performance natural eye makeup formulas made the healthy way. So you can look as good as you feel knowing you made the ethical and responsible decision to be absolutely gorgeous.