Paradise Found Pout Pencil Lip Makeup (Fuchsia)

$ 18.50

Product Description

This natural beauty product gives you the Fuchsia color. A flirty pink with iridescence for complexion enhancing color. 

Pairs well with La Tropicana Pout Pigment and Bollywood Star Pout Polish.

Chalet Pout Pencil is a soft, creamy lip pencil is a long-wearing, water-proof, highly pigmented liner that glides on effortlessly for a precise line of intense, true color that won’t feather or bleed. The creamy formula makes these liners easy to apply from natural, lip-enhancing shades to trend statement colors. 

Ingredients: Fuchsia is a flirty pink with iridescence, it matches our Fuchsia gloss and lipstick.

This product contains Carmine and is therefore non-vegan.

Packaging: Approximately 6" wooden shaft with clear top.

Made in USA.

Cruelty-free cosmetics. Safe cosmetics. Natural beauty products. 


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