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Any makeup artist will tell you, a good primer is the key to flawless makeup. If you think this is just an extra step you don’t need, think again. This natural beauty product works overtime to make sure your makeup stays in check. Using a shadow primer will not only make your natural eye makeup stay put for longer, it brings out the true pigments in your mineral eye shadow as well as keeps color from creasing. The best part is that you can use this green beauty product for more than natural eye makeup. Here’s how to turn one natural beauty product into a natural cosmetics multi-tasking hero. 

1. No Makeup Makeup

It takes a few natural beauty products to look effortlessly gorgeous. Mastering the no makeup makeup look is easy if you have the right green beauty products. This vegan makeup comes in a range of shades that perfectly matches our mineral makeup powder foundation. That way the guesswork is taken out of color matching and blending is a piece of cake. Apply this natural beauty product in your mineral makeup shade over and around the eye are so skin appears more firm and you look more refreshed. Use a shade lighter to highlight the tops of the cheek bones and a shade darker to contour. Your complexion will look instantly vibrant and healthy and nobody will know you’re wearing any makeup at all. 

2. Under your eyes

Use this natural beauty product under the eyes to diminish the appearance of dark circle and puffiness. If you need more coverage, use the green beauty product to prime the area then apply a heavier concealer on top. Under Cover will help prevent your makeup from creasing under the eyes. It will also make your makeup appear fresher for longer. If dark circles are you biggest enemy, this natural beauty product will become your best friend. This vegan makeup was made to meet every concealing need from prime to perfection.

3. Over your lips

This vegan makeup can also be used to prime the lips. Use your foundation brush, sponge, or fingers to apply this natural beauty product over the lips like you would apply mineral makeup to the rest of your face. You'll notice your mouth now blends to your skin. This will make your natural lipstick or best lip gloss go on evenly. It will help prevent color from feathering and settling into lines as well. Be sure to use your favorite Pout Pencil for a natural lip liner to define lips and prevent color from bleeding. Lips will appear more plump noticeably luscious when primed with green beauty. 

4. On Your Brows

Do you get those stray hairs that never seem to stay put? Or brow hairs that seem to sprawl or wiry stubborn pieces. Very lightly outline your brows with this natural beauty product. Use an angled brush to create the shape you want. This vegan makeup is a green beauty tool that will give you the polished brows you want. For bolder brows, use the mineral eye shadow in Chai or Incognito to fill in sparse hairs and create a more dramatic shape. Polished brows are only a step away when you use this natural beauty product to mold the shape. 

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