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Sun worshipper's summer beauty survival guide

The feeling of lying in the sun. Roasting. Thinking “yes, I’m going to be so tan after this.” The euphoric smell of coconut and the greasy feel of Banana Boat. That toasty sensation of wrapping up in a warm beach towel followed by the unparalleled satisfaction of noticing new tan lines in your late afternoon shower. Summer equals bliss and tan skin equals happiness. If you’re a sun worshipper like me, you know the sentiment exactly. 

As we now know, sun bathing with mineral oil appears as taboo as a smoking a cigarette. Skin experts have made that loud and clear. And after having a few scary spots removed from my back last year, I fully support that notion. While the sun may seem perilous, not all summer fun is lost. Sand castles and snow cones don’t have to become a thing of the past. There are simple steps to protecting your skin that will seamlessly fit into you beach bum lifestyle. 

best mineral makeup powder

One of the issues with SPF protection is that it has a chemical reaction with the skin. There are natural ingredients that act as a block that will not penetrate the skin. Zinc Oxide offers excellent UVA protection. Maybe you’ve tried the natural route already and ended up with a chalky white residue all over your body. That’s happen to me too on my search for the best natural sun protection. A simpler solution: use a natural mineral makeup with zinc oxide. Even if you’re not planning to wear makeup in the sun, apply a sheer or translucent layer of mineral powder to protect your face from sun damage. I can come back from a week at the beach with my face perfectly protected while my body's a lobster. That’s because I protected my face with the best natural mineral makeup powder and only used an SPF on my body. The face is the most important place to protect. Obviously...the skin is thinner and has the most direct exposure to the sun. You say you never burn? You might tan like a goddess now but think lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin later. Personally, I freckle. For those of you fair ladies, the best natural mineral makeup powder will work for you too. A sheer tint to even out skin tone is only one benefit of wearing mineral makeup powder in the sun. Use a primer to make sure your natural makeup stays on longer. A multi-tasking natural beauty product like Miracle Worker will be your summertime hero product because it will also serve as your daily moisturizer with anti aging skincare benefits. Don't forget about the eyes. While you may be wearing sunglasses most of the time, remember that the eye area is the first place to show signs of aging. This area is also much more delicate and calls for a natural beauty product specially formulated for the thinner skin. Under Cover concealer and shadow base is a great natural beauty product with zinc oxide. Apply on the lid and under and around the eye. Again, the flawless coverage is just a bonus. 

Even in my 20s, I'm already reminded of my past with the signs of sun damage on my chest. But there are things you can do to reverse the signs of sun damage. A firming neck and chest cream like No Turtle Necks is a natural beauty product that can visibly help improve the appearance of damaged skin. Made with coconut oil, aloe, and packed with peptides, this nourishing moisturizer will deeply hydrate damaged cells for younger looking skin. A rich nighttime moisturizer like Coconut for Night will also help reverse the signs of sun damage. 

Not all SPFs are created equal. Whether you’re using SPF 15 or SPF 100000, remember to reapply! A higher number is supposed to signify longer lasting protection. Nope. Factors such as thickness of application, cloud cover, sweating, swimming, and rubbing can alter the level of protection. A major brand of sunscreen claiming SPF 100 was tested by competitors under 6 different conditions. Each time, the product varied between SPF 35 to 75. High protection claims can be misleading. The best way to ensure protection from sun damage is to reapply every hour. Be sure to watch out for the guys! Men are less than half as likely to protect their skin from sun damage. Ingredients to watch out for: Oxybenxone, Octinocate, Homosalate, Octisalate, Octocrylene, and Retinyl plamitate. Retinyl plamtiate, also known as retinol or vitamin a (the antioxidant used in anti-aging skincare products) has been found to trigger the development of skin tumors and lesions when in the presence of sunlight. The other chemicals listed can cause hormonal imbalances, disrupt the endocrine system, harm reproductive organs, and even lead to cancer. If ever wondering about a brand, EWG is a safe place to check that the product is nontoxic. Marine-life is also susceptible to the toxins found in sunscreens. The environment is yet again another casualty of human behavior. Evidence is showing the sunscreens have contributed to the decline of coral reefs. Just because a sun protection products claims to be organic doesn’t mean it’s not going to pollute the ocean. So next time you go snorkeling, remember our mermaid friends. 

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