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Simplest healthy skin care step you're skipping.

Healthy skin care tips and tricks are popping up right and left. Practically every single beauty blog has an opposing opinion on why your skin care routine is wrong and their natural beauty products are right. Before you readjust your bedding to sleep in an awkward angle to increase the circulation in your face for glowing skin (yes, I read too many beauty blogs too)… here’s the most basic skin care step to clean, beautiful skin. It’s so simple and easy to use, it will make you wonder why everyone is running around in cyber circles to find the best facials cleanser for sensitive skin or the best natural skin toners. Okay, ready? Find a natural skin toner that’s right for your skin type depending on if you’re oily, dry, or sensitive. Yes, we hear you combination skin people. Think about what you want most from your natural skin toners. To purify your pores, exfoliate the dullness to reveal brighter skin, or simply clean your face. Cleansers are terrific. But even a natural beauty product and healthy skin care junkie like me gets too lazy to wash their face. I leave the best facial cleanser for sensitive skin or dry skin in my shower. Rainforest Rinse is seriously THE best facial cleanser for sensitive skin. Why? Because it’s packed with antioxidants, gentle exfoliants, and the scent is heavenly. What makes this the most important healthy skin care product? You’ll never forget to use it. Pour on a cotton pad, swipe across face. Done. You’ll see all the dirt, oil, and dead skin cells on the cotton pad. So you know it’s working. And the new level of clean will make a toner your new healthy skin care addiction. No matter how tired you are, you’ll always reach for one of your natural skin toners. Putting on your makeup without using a natural skin toner first is like taking a shower then putting on the same underwear. It's kind of gross. Once you experience the gentle exfoliation of your skin, you will realize how fast and easy it is to consistently wash your face. The best facial cleanser is one that doesn’t need water. Rainforest Rinse is formulated with botanical extracts and infused with cucumber so it delivers antioxidants for anti-aging skin care benefits. It also supplies hydration without stripping the skin. This natural beauty product promises the essence of clean with the feeling of spring. It’s time to quit wondering what natural skin care products you should be using. Do what feels good and what fits in your routine. Plus, when you order a Rainforest Rinse, the best natural skin toner for dry or sensitive skin, you will receive a free travel size Coconut Cleanser. And free shipping! Use code REFRESH at checkout to get started with healthy skin care. Click here to learn more about Rainforest Rinse natural facial toner. 

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