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Natural lipstick hacks for the best lipstick looks

Lip makeup secrets revealed by natural beauty products. 

So you've decided to take the plunge and rock a Vamp lip before noon (and I bet you look uh-mazing). But with great style comes great responsibility. Last week we talked about the best lipstick to wear for the season and when and where to wear these trending beauty cosmetics colors. And before you look in the mirror and gasp at the sight of a feathering burgundy, here's a few tips that will prevent the problem before it happens. 
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1. Properly prep your lips.
If you start with dry or flaking lips, your color won't stand an even chance. The best lipstick can't hide peeling pouts and you don't want to pucker under a bandaid of lips makeup either. Use a sugar scrub or gentle exfoliant before applying your lip color and add plenty of moisturizing lip products during the time your not wearing lip makeup. 
2. Choose the right formula.
There's so much more to lip makeup than what meets the eye. A color may appear the same but depending on the formula it could be sheer, opaque, glossy, matte, a stain, the list goes on... If you want lips makeup with serious staying power that will last for hours despite eating and drinking, then go with a stain. If you need moisture in your lips makeup, look for a formula described as creamy. If it is a natural lipstick, it may contain shea moisture which is key to luxurious hydration. 
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3. Fall in line. 
Forgetting the lip liner is the easiest mistake to make and it's critical! Even when wearing a natural lipstick color, the lip makeup liner pencil is what will hold the color in place. You can either outline the lips with a pencil or fill the lips makeup in for a pout plumping effect. Lip liner will make natural lipstick stay where put with out bleeding, feathering, or fading. Plus it can give you that irresistibly kissable pout you didn't know was possible with natural cosmetics. 
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4. Not too much, just enough. 
Applying too much lipstick is a common mistake as it may seem like it will deepen the color or last longer. However, this is generally not the case. Apply until the color of the natural lipstick matches the lips makeup. If you feel you need to apply more than three swipes at once, it may be a formula that is too dry or too sheer for you. Too much lips makeup will simply rub off or cake and feather. I recommend 2 swirls around per application!
5. Swipe to reset. 
You've heard it before and here it is again...take off your makeup! This is just as important for lip makeup as it is in other beauty cosmetics. Taking off your lip makeup using a natural makeup remover will better prepare your lips to take on the next daring shade of natural lipstick. Leaving color on may dry out your lips or stain your skin, and you want your future colors to have a fresh start! I recommend Agua Fresca Cleansing Water as a great natural makeup remover that will dissolve your makeup with sea salt to gently exfoliate. If your super dry, go with Coconut Cleanser - another natural makeup remover made with shea moisture and coconut oil to leave your skin softer than ever. 
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