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Meet our Model: Why she chooses natural beauty products

Fall in love with natural beauty products.

The latest color collection takes you on a ride with our favorite model. She runs marathons, loves pizza, uses the best facial cleanser and natural skin toner, and tells us why cruelty-free cosmetics and healthy skin care is so important. 

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Q: Can you give us a brief overview of your beauty routine and what you think are the best natural skin care products to use?

A: I feel like I've spent my whole life looking for the best facial cleanser and good natural skin toners. The best facial cleanser for oily skin that I've used has to be the Mermaid Wash, it gets my skin so clean. I try to stick to natural skin toners because I hate when a toner for oily skin seems like alcohol so I stick to the sun shower clarifying toner, I'm obsessed with the smell. 

Q: On your day off, what natural beauty products do you use?

A: Natural cosmetics are totally my thing so on the weekends I don't change much since the rest of the week I feel like I'm using the best natural skin care products. 

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is new to using natural cosmetics?

I'm a huge animal lover and have an African Grey and a Maltipoo so cruelty-free cosmetics has always been super important to me. Finding healthy skin care and natural cosmetics can be tricky so always read the ingredients list. Remember that natural beauty products make safe cosmetics. And it's never too early to start using anti aging products and always look for the best natural skin care products.  

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Healthy skin care & safe cosmetics make the best natural beauty products.

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Cruelty-free cosmetics. Safe cosmetics. Eco-friendly cosmetics. Natural beauty products. 

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