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Natural beauty products for when the ball drops

The best natural beauty products to start off the year. 

The Holiday Color Collection presented a way to create gorgeous looks that embodied the essence of the season. On-trend, natural beauty products that delivered a stunning glow to turn heads at any holiday party. But now Christmas has passed and New Year's Eve is the next in line for festive natural beauty products. We all love a chance to get dressed up and play with natural cosmetics and color. But the most wonderful thing about this look is that it can be worn all throughout the week! Find out how to create this with blush makeup and natural lipstick.


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Lip makeup with natural lipstick

As winter presses on, the popularity of burgundy lip makeup is snowballing. The best lipstick is the Vamp Pout Pigment - a shea moisture, ultra-rich, natural lipstick that delivers a deep shade that precisely matches the runways. Use the Cabernet Kisses Pout Pencil to ensure color stays put long into next year. What makes this shade the best natural lipstick is that it can make a statement and bring your whole look together with minimal effort. You can even skip the eyes all together (except for maybe some mascara) and just use a few of the your favorite natural beauty products, throw on a coat of color and still pull off a sophisticated elegance. 

Natural eye makeup

The Holiday Eye Shadow Palette will continue to be one of the best natural beauty products throughout 2017. The colors in this natural eye makeup palette allows for countless creations. Enhance your lashes with a thin line using the Jetsetter liner and make your eyes pop by using the white Diamonds liner on the lower water line. Use the highlighter and the gold shadows from the natural eye makeup palette to create a shimmery natural eye makeup look that will rival the fireworks. By mixing and matching the colors in this natural eye makeup palette, you can make a variety of looks. Try using the darker shades as a liner for a smokey eye or just the highlight and copper shimmer for a sparkling shine. 

Blush makeup

Candlelit Cheeks mineral blush makeup paired with the Candlelit Glow mineral bronzer will give you a spectacular glow that won't compete with bold lips. These peachy tones are ideal to transition between the seasons. The blush makeup provides the sultry glow you can find trending this season. It’s also great for the no-makeup makeup natural look. Not to mention, there is no better shade for spring and summer than a sun kissed natural makeup look. These natural beauty products deliver purely pigmented color that will enhance the complexion. Unlike other mineral makeups, this blush makeup doesn’t settle. Create a look that is as beautiful as it is good for you with these natural cosmetics. 

Safe cosmetics with a natural makeup remover

You definitely don't want to wake up for the first time in 2017 still wearing last year's makeup. Make sure to use Agua Fresca natural makeup remover for a super fast and easy way to make sure that healthy skin care is still in check. Just pour this natural makeup remover on a cotton pad, swipe across your eyes and face, and hit the pillow. This healthy skin care product gently dissolves makeup in seconds so there's no excuses and mascara on the sheets. You’ve already made a healthy skin care choice by choosing natural beauty products. And falling asleep in your natural makeup is nowhere near as damaging as it would be with synthetic chemicals. But by using a natural makeup remover right before bed, you will wake up with a fresh face that’s ready for a whole new look!

Natural lipstick in Vamp.
Natural eye makeup form the Holiday Palette, Jetsetter, Diamonds
Blush makeup with Candlelit Cheeks & Silent Night Bronzer.
Healthy skin care with Agua Fresca, a natural makeup remover.

Let the countdown begin!


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