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Love That Liner!

Natural skincare and beauty products Welcome, my fellow make-up junkies! I have been a lover of all things beauty related for as long as I can remember and a freelance artist for about 5 years now. I love keeping up with beauty trends, the latest and greatest products while trying all of the techniques (even ridiculous ones involving a spoon) shared by other beauty bloggers. I’m excited to share my knowledge with all of you, too! I’m sure you’ve encountered similar unfortunate events but I wanted to tell you a story about something that happened to me the other day. It all started when I was on the hunt for a new product to add to my collection, but more specifically the best eye liner. I was filled with that rush you get when making a new purchase. The fresh packaging between your fingertips, the smell of the makeup store and excitement you have to go home to try out all of your new goodies. Oh, how I adore that feeling… After trial and error at multiple stores, I made my purchase, I rushed home, busted through the door and trampled anyone in my way. I threw open my bathroom door and uncapped my new eye pencil. When suddenly… I was hit with instant regret. I looked at myself in the mirror, then down at my liner. ‘How could I have done this again? Where did I go wrong? What did I do to deserve this?’ So many things rushed through my head. I had bought ANOTHER bad product. I made the terrible decision of branching out from my ride-or-dies to find disappointment. Not only did I waste my time and money on a failed product but I hurt my eye lids in the process of trying to scrape on a liner that had such poor pigment. eye-liner-swatches I’m all for trying new products but when you have something great, stick with it. A pencil liner that has yet to fail me, or my clients, is Chalet Cosmetics’ Love That Liner. These liners provide such great color, the best pigment, effortless application and are all natural! Chalet Love That Liner pencil eye liner is an anti-oxidant enriched long-lasting, waterproof pencil. I can trust this product on my brides, models and for everyday use on myself. The liner glides on incredibly soft and smooth for a precise line. It’s easy to sharpen and makes my life SO much easier, not to mention more fabulous. There’s such a large array of colors to choose from and you can wear them on top of shadows for a bold, shimmery statement or try layering underneath to make your shadows pop even more. Try it and I promise you will say, "I LOVE that liner!" Click Here to Order Your Favorite Colors! Ciao! Alyssa // @alyssadelmakeup

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