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How to refresh your skin care routine

healthy skin care routine

You’ve resolved to be a healthier version of yourself in 2018. Workout everyday, cut out sugar, go to bed earlier during the week, and find a healthy skin care routine. Congrats! Now we’re a few weeks into the new year and you’re feeling slightly short of renewed. In reality, making a change is easier said than done. Whether or not that diet is working out like you planned, a healthy skin care routine is an easy (not scary) commitment to make. Look no further for the best skin care products, revitalized skin is within reach with just a few adjustments.

Vow to never sleep in your makeup. This is probably one of the most important commitments you can make. Not only can sleeping in makeup cause premature aging, it’s simply not clean. This step takes less than 10 seconds in your skin care routine and should be as much of a priority as brushing your teeth. Never wake up with mascara marks on your pillow again and say goodbye to dull, tired skin. Agua Fresca ($32)  is a quick and easy way to remove makeup. Simply pour on a cotton pad, swipe, and your done. It smells refreshingly like watermelon and instantly leaves your skin refreshed. If you have dry or sensitive skin, try Coconut Cleanser ($36). This cream can be removed with a tissue or rinsed with warm water and leaves skin softer than ever. A healthy skin care routine for night starts with the best anti aging skin care makeup removers.  

Use an eye treatment. The eye area is the first place to show signs of aging so it’s the most important place to start using anti aging skin care. Before you start checking for crows feet, remember that prevention is the best way to use anti aging skin care. Also realize that the eye area is much more delicate than the rest of the face and deserves healthy skin care products that are specially formulated for the thinner skin around the eyes. If you feel like your eyes look a little tired, skincare products with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, like Super Berry Eyes ($40) will wake you right up. I call this eye gel eight hours of beauty sleep in a bottle because it instantly alleviates puffiness and wakes me up with my coffee in the morning. If you have sun spots or age spots, go for Serious C for Eyes ($40). This vitamin C eye treatment is one of the best skin care products that will help diminish discoloration. These anti-oxidant eye treatments eliminate the appearance of dark circles and redness and go a long way towards preventing lines from forming.

Commit to a moisturizer. This could be one of the best relationships you have this year and that’s perfectly alright. Find a moisturizer you love and promise to use on a daily basis and you will be rewarded with a consistent complexion. When the season’s change and you’re skin becomes more or less dry, it’s okay to switch it up. The important thing is that your moisturizing regularly. Balancing Act ($42) is a great oil-free, non-greasy moisturizer that keeps my healthy skin care routine working at optimal levels. It’s just the right weight of shea butter, cocoa butter, green tea, and fruit extracts to maintain my skin’s sanity throughout the year. It helps reduce oiliness in the summer and calms my dry redness in the winter. A hero product like Balancing Act or Miracle Worker ($40) are the best anti aging skin care products that will also help your skin absorb nutrients to get the most out of your healthy skin care routine.

While many resolutions fall by the wayside, maintaining a healthy skin care routine is something you can keep. A few quick steps with the best skin care products can make all the difference in brightening your skin for the short-term and adding anti aging skin care benefits in the long-run. Stay tuned to read about how to detox your skin when your resolution to refresh your routine is ready for a reboot.

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