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Falling in love made easy with organic makeup

Whether it’s new love, true love, or popcorn and wine with your single girlfriends - Valentine’s Day is perfect for trying new natural beauty products. 

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Maybe you’re thinking: red lips, rosy cheeks, this look could be as cheesy as the Valentine’s card my mom gave me last year. But if you’re a natural beauty product lover or an organic makeup junkie like me, you see this holiday as a wonderfully transitional time that blends Winter to Spring. This collection does give you pinks and rosy cheeks. But not because Sweethearts & Hershey’s Kisses have temporarily become a basic food group. But because this natural cosmetics collection presents colors that are on-trend right now. 

More X’s than O’s with natural lipstick 

The natural lipstick color and lip liner color that come with this collection are sure to be your new go-to faves. The best lipstick color from now till Labor Day is Copacabana. Pair this natural lipstick with the Damsel Not In Distress lip liner pencil and you will get rich color from these natural beauty products that won’t feather or fade. These natural cosmetics are also deeply nourishing with built in shea moisture. And since this organic makeup is made purely with micas and essential oils and butters, you get nothing but beautiful color and beauty enhancing benefits. 
Get ready to pucker up with the best lipstick

Love at first sight with natural eye makeup

Got a hot date? You might be thinking about a sultry smokey eye. But nothing’s more romantic than enhancing your gorgeous features with natural eye makeup. Dark colors might bring unnecessary drama to this particular holiday. Try on some natural cosmetics in lighter shades. You will be pleasantly surprised the impact going lighter can have on your natural beauty products routine. The Love In Bloom natural eye makeup palette gives you a set of four pressed mineral shadows. The pink and coral organic makeup shades will really make your eyes pop. The neutral shades in this natural eye makeup palette make it the perfect every day makeup drawer staple. The model is wearing the ivory shade as a wash, the pink shade on the lid, the light natural eye makeup brown shade in the crease, and the coral shade as an accent. The possibilities with these mineral eye shadows are endless. 
Check out the LOVE IN BLOOM Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow Palette

Is that blush makeup or are you just happy to see me?

The mineral blush and bronzer makeup in this collection are no-brainers that your makeup drawer will thank you for. Candlelit Glow is a beautiful shimmery bronze that is perfect for this time of the year. Not too dark considering our complexions are currently lighter. Sweet Cheeks mineral blush makeup will add a lovely touch of color to brighten the face while maintaining an effortless radiance. The combination of these natural beauty products create a romantic glow that will prepare you for the sun kissed brighter and deeper natural cosmetics of Spring and Summer. 
Find what mineral makeup makes you GLOW

Seal the deal with the finishing touch mineral makeup

From the first date to the first anniversary, the Finishing Touch mineral makeup will ensure your makeup is on lockdown. This natural beauty product will set your makeup so it looks fresh for longer. It is a translucent organic makeup so it works for all skin tones. Apply all over after you’re done applying your natural cosmetics or use to highlight. The mineral makeup also delivers a soft iridescence so you always appear to be in perfect lighting, with or without the candlelit dinner. The finishing powder is a subtle way to guarantee radiance. 
Make love last with a mineral finishing powder

Whether you’re totally into roses and heart-shaped chocolates or would rather skip the 14th all together, Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance to try a new organic makeup look. Think about it this way, it is gearing up to take on natural cosmetics in the Spring like the trends were made for you. So check out the Copacabana natural lipstick, the Love In Bloom natural eye makeup, and the Candlelit Glow and Sweet Cheeks mineral makeup. You’ll be ahead of the game while everyone is left in their pasty, white winter hangover.

Don't be afraid to FALL IN LOVE 

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