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Essential Oils...What's The Deal? Healthy skin care, a natural moisturizer.

Natural beauty products with skin moisturizers

Everyone's first love was olive oil. Then a coconut oil face swooped in and stole the show (not that I've taken it so far as to brush my teeth with it like some people I know...). Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil, Lavender, Jojoba. They all sound so luxuriously wonderful and name dropping one will surely bump you up on the wellness scale. But let's be honest, do we know what they're for? Well, after some thorough research and experimenting with these magical, mysterious, thick, slimy liquids - we're about to set the record straight so you can take advantage of what these essential oils have to offer. 

Ancient Greeks and Romans used these plants as medicine for their healing properties, so we've bottled for the best natural skin care products combined with the latest in anti aging skin care technology to provide safe cosmetics for a natural moisturizer.

best natural skin care products for natural moisturizer

Eucalyptus: uplifts, cools, and cleanses mind and body. Great for soothing joint or muscle aches as well as a common treatment for respiratory conditions. Recognized for its olfactory essencses as well as its antiseptic, antibacterial properties. 

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Chamomile: You've had the tea but do you know how amazing chamomile is for your skin? Known for it's calming effects, chamomile soothes the skin to alleviate any redness, puffiness, or inflammation. 

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Lavender: It smells amazing we know, but did you know that it is an anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, antidepressant, and a sedative? Yes, you can get all your relaxation aides from a plant. Lavender has been found to have a profound healing effect on the nervous system and is often used to treat stress-related illnesses. The emotional effects are extradorinaiy as it t calms, soothes, and nurtures to balance mind and body. 

P.S. I keep a bag of lavender by my bed to help me chilllll out at the end of the day. 

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 Peppermint: You know how invigorating the smell of natural peppermint can be, that's why it is used as an aide for relaxation. It calms nausea, relieves headaches, and eases digestion while awaking, refreshing, stimulating, and uplifting the mind. 

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Rose: Who can resist the refreshing scent of rose. The benefits from this oil are as intoxicating as the scent which is why it is used as an antidepressant. It balances hormones, calms anger, and works with the nervous system to attend to despair. Smell the roses, I promise it will ACTUALLY make you happier. 

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Rosemary: A restorative tonic and anti-immflamatory used to stimulate and strengthen mental clarity. Rosemary Extract is used in Balancing Act for its anti-bacterial properties to prevent breakouts. 

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Tea Tree: You've heard of this one, but I'll admit - I knew it was good but not what it was for...well it heals acne, cold sores, congestion and respiratory infections all from it's antibacterial and antiseptic properties. And of course calms and soothes with it's clean, earthy smell (which is why it can also be a deodorant). And yes, it's in our moisturizers and body products!


So there you have it, our guide to essential oils. Stay tuned, because this is just the skincare. Coming up - what oils you DON'T want in your makeup and which ones you NEED. 

Essential oils make for a natural moisturizer, thus creating the best natural skin care products.

Healthy skin care and natural cosmetics that are the best anti aging products. 


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