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In light of recent events, green has officially become the new black. It is critical, now more than ever, to evaluate our habits and lifestyles and aim to be more environmentally friendly. Choosing to shop eco-friendly makeup products and green beauty brands is a wonderful start. The cosmetic industry’s effect on the environment is disheartening. Large corporate companies are responsible for thousands of tons of waste each year and are often dishonest about from where their products are sourced. There is a very ugly side of beauty and our planet is the biggest victim. But hope is not lost. Eco-friendly beauty brands are taking a stand and spreading green beauty power around the globe. It’s not hard to make the switch when you discover the best eco-friendly beauty products that are even better than the dirty brands. 

The easiest place to start is with the packaging. Have you purchased a face mask that’s practically a cardboard Russian Matryoshka doll? There’s nothing like opening a beautiful box to reveal your shiny new lipstick, don’t get me wrong. But there is a difference beauty eco-friendly makeup brands and simply wasteful ones. Chalet Cosmetics prides itself on delivering eco-friendly boxes so you don’t have to sacrifice pretty packaging for green beauty products. Our boxes and labels are made with the thinnest materials in facilities that consciously minimize the carbon footprint. If you’re not sure about the brand, check for symbols. The Leaping Bunny or PETA Bunny mean the company has pledged to be cruelty-free. Look for the bunnies! Too many brands are still testing on animals. The Green Dot (like a yin yang circle but with arrows) means the manufacturer pays to recover and recycle the product. If there aren't any symbols, check where the product was made. A box that says Made in USA is much more likely to come from a green beauty brand than one that says Made in China. Chalet Cosmetics has carefully considered mother earth in every step along the way and has taken a pledge to maintain sustainable practices to manufacture the best green beauty products.

best green beauty products

Finding an eco-friendly brand that offers refills for containers is a major green beauty home run. Eco-friendly makeup like Mineral Magic is not only one of the best green beauty products you'll find, it’s also friendlier on your wallet. When you find a product you love that you know you’re going to replenish, how wonderful would it be to simply reorder the refill? Chalet Cosmetics offers the best mineral makeup because you can reorder just the powder to refill in your gold Chalet Cosmetics container. Chalet Cosmetics has also created an eco-friendly makeup win with refillable eye shadow palettes. The pans are magnetic, so instead of having to order a whole new package, you can just replace a single pan. 

Less is more, always. Especially now that we all need to be held accountable for our amount of waste. Choosing the best eco-friendly makeup means for quality, not quantity. High quality, all natural eco-friendly makeup will give you a lot more bang for your buck. Invest in something like a green beauty foundation that you’ll love and that will last several months. It will end up saving a lot more green than going through 10 drugstore buys every few weeks. Being mindful of the products you purchase will leave you far more satisfied than buying for bulk or bargain. Do some research on eco-friendly makeup brands. It’ll slow the cc swiping and help save the earth. You may just find that shopping on the green beauty can be a lot more rewarding. 

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