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Daily Ritual

It may sound like some new age luxury for which you don't have the time or patience. Or maybe it looks like a repeat of the many "habits of a successful person" articles that pop up on your Facebook. I urge you to continue reading this first and foremost blog post of ours as it will present a type of daily ritual that not only is simple & easy but will infinitely increase your happiness and productivity. Yeah, right, wow - what could you possibly suggest that could improve my quality of life so fast. Well it may be something you already do that you can simply enhance & enjoy! Basically, I just want to demonstrate how to craft this type of ritual because it is a practice that I am fully aware has been creating love & light in life for almost a century. I'm sure you've heard: wake up earlier, eat a big breakfast, outline your goals, blah blah blah, I won't go through all of that (although those are great habits!). This type of ritual works to flow seemlessly into your daily life. Whether it be when you're getting ready or winding down depending on if your a morning person or night owl, set aside 10-20 minutes for yourself. You might rush to put on your makeup before heading out the door or forget to wash your face before bed (gah!). Slow down! Have you heard you need to stop and smell the roses? Well we've delivered Rosewater straight to your vanity so no more excuses! So here's what you do... 1. Light your pink Chalet candle. It's made with beeswax to purify the air around you and fill your room with light, plus it smells AMAZING and will bring the essence of fresh flowers to your home. 2. Look in the mirror and take three deep breaths. We forget to breathe! By forcing yourself for just a few moments each day to slow down and inhale deeply you can lower blood pressure, increase productivity by providing more oxygen to the brain, and experience a calmness that will set the pace for the rest of the day. 3. Prepare to unleash gorgeous. Begin your skincare routine. Sticking to a regimen is the only way to see the full skincare benefits so don't skip this step, ever! By taking the time to enjoy each step of your skin care routine you will appreciate yourself and become more aware of the beauty you hold inside and out. Chalet Cosmetics knows that you are AMAZING. The world needs you to be the best you can be so we can enjoy your beauty and grace! My family has incorporated this act of wellness into our daily routine for generations and it truly delivers delight on a regular basis and overtime develops mental clarity. See? No voodoo mumbo jumbo here, and it's not hard! Your complexion will improve tremendously from sticking to the best skincare routine and your glow will be simply undeniable. So take back some time for you, enjoy the process, and love the way you look. P.S. Order a Skincare Starter Kit to sample a FULL skincare routine starting at $22. Includes a cleanser, toner, eye serum, & moisturizer with options to add a serum and night cream. SO easy! Click the link to order today and start on the path to wellness -> xoxo, Andrea morning-ritual skincare-routine
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