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Back To School Beauty Routine

Back to school means time to get back in a routine. So while you're probably busy preparing lunches and scheduling homework time, we've come up with the  best skin care routine for how to get brighter skin. To get clear skin fast and have clear skin forever, every should be using a makeup remover, cleanser, toner, eye treatment, and day and nighttime moisturizer. The question is: which one is right for your skin type?

In the spirit of back to school, let's focus on normal to oily or problem skin. These products are back with ingredients to fight bacteria and prevent breakouts, like green tea and sea salt. This year is sure to be filled with stressful moments - by following this skin care regimen, a breakout on picture day will definitely not be one of them. Click below to order the full skincare routine with free shipping this week to start the year off right!

oily skincare regimen

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