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Austin City Limits is almost countdown on one hand close! Pretty much like everything else in life, you waited till the last minute to figure out your look. It may be 88 degrees but no sweat! It's the details that make the difference between looking like a hippie for the weekend and going all out like a festival going stunner. 

cruelty-free safe cosmetics plus healthy skincare

While everyone's wearing last year's flower crowns and fringe, you can hit ACL rocking a look that's sure to take next Spring's Coachella by storm. And the best part about it is it's fast, easy, sweat proof, and makes your outfit planning simple. Our cruelty-free cosmetics are safe cosmetics to use because they deliver healthy skin care. So throw on some jean shorts, a lace bralette and a comfy tank, pile on the jewelry, and strut your festival fashion with these trends:

1. Neon/Metallic Liners or natural eye makeup

Festival Makeup is tricky - you want to look sultry but when that afternoon sun hits it may look like a muddy mess straight out of Woodstock. Keep it simple with minimal shadows and a bold liner that's smudge proof and waterproof. Try Skyline or Limestone for a bold pop of color or Diamond or Cleopatra for a metallic neutral. You can still get natural eye makeup and lip makeup with a slight pop of color for a weekend edge. Fill your lips in with Hazard or Narcissist for lips that pop or Crumb Cake for a plump nude look - PROMISE it will not feather or fade till the night's complete (even after all the water that you MUST remember to drink)!

natural eye makeup

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2. Bronzed & Toned with Natural Body Products

Jean shorts and crop tops ahhhh tanning beds are tempting but NOT necessary if you use Chalet Soleil Sunless Tanner which are natural body products. Just exfoliate the night before and apply allover, wash hands carefully and wake up the next morning with a golden, all even tan that will won't come off till after weekend two! If you're nervous about the color, go light a few days ahead of time and add another layer later on to deepen. Also try Bumps Be Gone Firming Body Cellulite Cream to instantly firm and tone and any extra skin that might be showing this weekend. These natural body products double as natural skin care products by providing skin moisturizers. 

lip makeup natural lipstick

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3. Powder makeup that will fight the crowds to keep your natural beauty cosmetics flawless. 

It's weekends like these that might make you rethink your regular beauty cosmetics routine. Forget a heavy foundation and skip the liquid all together. Your VIP Ticket: MIRACLE WORKER and Pumpkin powder makeup. The primer/moisturizer will keep the makeup from sinking into pores or rubbing off and the Pumpkin Powder will give you a full, lightweight coverage that will withstand time and heat. The technology in this powder makeup is proven to absorb oil for up to eight hours so you can rave from dusk till dawn (or vice versa) which also give it the best beauty cosmetics.

powder makeup

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You're so excited and there's SO much going through your head which is why we want to share these tried and true beauty hacks that include natural body products, lip makeup, skin moisturizers, and the best natural skin care products. While you hash it out with the crew over which closing set you're going to see, here's this year's trend tips are 100% ACL APPROVED. Cruelty-free cosmetics, that are safe cosmetics and promise healthy skin care benefits. 


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